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business group 

health food & nutritional supplements business

vedan enterprise subsidiaries - vedan biotechnology focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing its micro-algae products, as well as its nutritional supplements and health food products. our professional microorganisms cultivation technology, fermentation technology, modernized process technology and strictly practiced quality assurance systems enhance the competitiveness of our products. in addition, we develop and market multi-ingredient nutritional supplements and health food with synergetic health effects to expand our market share and customer base.

biological materials business

based on our four core amino acid fermentation technologies: (a) microorganisms isolation and culturetechnology, (b) advanced fermentation technology, (c) starch transformation technology, and (d) electroanalytical chemistry technology, vedan's biological materials production includes a wide range of γ-pga, mycelium protein, chemical starch. these products are extensively applied in various fields, such as food additives/flavor enhancements, health care supplements, nutrition of animals and plants, papers and textiles production, and environmental protection. vedan takes full advantage of its current production equipment to manufacture commodities with added values and expand its market share.

consumer product business

vedan operates several fully automated instant noodle production lines, and a fully automated beverage manufacturing plant. based on its unique brand identity, vedan has an extensive and professional network that covers marketing, selling and shipping. in addition, vedan also builds up its competitiveness advantage by importing top-quality foreign products.

international trade business

by handling 10% of the global molasses supply, combined with a strong capacity for mass purchasing and negotiating, vedan takes full advantage of its current sales channels to position itself as a large independent sugar merchant trader. we sell major commodities such as sugar, molasses, and starch which help maximize its synergy.