introduction of the vedan foundation-凯发天生赢家一触即发官网

the company repays society with our accomplishment and has won high praise.

dedicated to social welfare

the vedan enterprise corporation was founded sixty years ago. we have accomplished remarkable results. since the foundation, the company has worked hard on business management. moreover, the company repays society with our accomplishment and has won high praise. in order to do more good to society, the "vedan foundation" was founded. the foundation is dedicated to performing our corporate social responsibility and has been awarded the "arts and business awards" three times by the executive yuan.

activities sponsored and held by the foundation

  • the foundation provides lots of subsidies and makes lots of donations to organizations, groups, schools, etc.
  • the foundation holds themed activities in pursuit of technology, health and humanity, such as the more water marathon event, biotechnology forum, lecture of technology and life, vedan gateball contest.

sponsor of the shen-bo library

  • donation for the construction of a library in shalu

    the company responded to the government policy to set up “libraries in every county” and donated for the construction of a library in shalu township. the library was named after the founder of vedan, yang shen-bo, and was called the “shalu township shen-bo library.” the township office is responsible for the operation of the library.

  • the foundation donated new book shelves and purchased dvds for public presentation

    to encourage people in the county to read more and acquire knowledge as well as make the library more diverse, the foundation donated money to the shen-bo library for it to construct new book shelves and purchase dvds for public presentation in 2010. the town mayor then gave the certificate of appreciation to the chairman of the foundation, yang zheng, in person in the ceremony. the certificate of appreciation presented the contribution made by the foundation to the people and students in shalu.

  • construction of the shen-bo library wen-chang branch

    the vedan foundation donated money for the construction of the shen-bo library wen-chang branch. the branch was built next to a school and the community activity center. wen-chang branch helped a lot in fostering people’s reading habits. we hoped that in the future, reading would become the distinguishing feature in the commercial area and cultural area in shalu, and that “reading would become even more interesting.”

looking into the future and moving forward

the vedan foundation dedicated itself to society and made contributions to grassroots groups all over the country. besides helping people to foster the reading habit, the foundation focused on people’s health. the dedication and persistence of the foundation was rewarded with the “arts and business awards” by the council for cultural affairs, executive yuan. in the future, the foundation will focus more on community culture development and help taichung to become more prosperous. moreover, the foundation will improve the quality of the community to pursue health and happiness for people in the country. we hope that more and more people will support, recognize and see the foundation’s effort in social welfare and innovation. as a result, we can build a better future together.