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based on its solid biological fermentation technology, vedan actively engages in research and development, with collaborative efforts from other industries, government agencies and academic institutions. vedan has invested substantially in establishing a biotechnology research and development center, as well as several pilot plants and various advanced equipment/facilities that focus on trial production, all of which contribute to the ongoing research and development in this field.

in recent years, vedan has made a continuous effort to advance its research and development in the microbial field, and to fully grasp the core microbiological fermentation technology. in addition, vedan has teamed up with japanese experts to study biodegradable high polymer material (biopolymer) production. vedan successfully developed γ-poly-glutamic acid (gamma -pga), utilizing glutamic acid as the base material. this breakthrough allowed vedan to expand its core product lines into a more advanced market–biological materials. vedan's unique industrialized production process has several patents pending in taiwan, japan, united states, and china.