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we provides comprehensive functional training focusing on cultivation talents.

training program-凯发天生赢家一触即发官网

to strengthen and improve upon existing organizational capability and achieve the goal of corporate sustainability, vedan group exclusively plans for the management associate training program every year. the company hopes that the intense and solid basic training, department observation and field training can help the management associate trainees acquire growth and experience within a short period. as a result, the company can shape comprehensive corporate talents.

characteristics of the training program

subject selection for recruitment

  • youths who are interested in the consumer goods industry, have a strong desire to learn and have a can-do attitude.
  • people who have high self-expectations and motivations. besides, the individual shall be proactive and has a strong desire to achieve something.
  • people who blend into a group well and are happy to perform teamwork to achieve the goal.

training method

  • personnel will be provided with professional and intense basic training, department observations, field training and stage cultivation programs. moreover, the company offers personal career development programs and diverse job rotations for employees. therefore, the subject can be cultivated and become a management associate with breadth and depth.
  • the “mentor and counselor system” is established in the training process. with the interaction and communication between the trainee and mentor/counselor, the trainee can blend in the corporate culture of vedan in the shortest time required. the system helps the trainee absorb and grow more quickly. it also allows the trainee to build job competency before the employment.

training method and progress



basic courses

making the trainee understand more about vedan

with a series of courses, including the introduction of the vedan group, product manufacturing, marketing and business promotion, it ensures that the trainee is fully prepared before the observation training courses.

training time: one week

the senior managers in vedan group will pass down their professional knowledge. starting from the introduction of the group, production and manufacturing, marketing and promotion, product research and development and other professional knowledge in the food industry to the laws and regulations for foods, presentation skills and other basic knowledge. the company provides intense courses and visits to the plant in the hope that the courses will build the foundation for the future career of individual trainees.



observation training courses

the combination of the practice and the introduction of the department observation mechanism

the purpose of the courses is to link what the trainee learns to the practical work. therefore, the trainee can learn the key points in the first-line business promotion work and the jobs performed by relative logistics units. these will help the trainee’s future career.

training time: 8 weeks

the trainee participates in the manufacturing observation program of the product manufacturing and quality inspection, the logistics observation program of the product transportation and the business flow observation program of the business promotion and financial management. with the observation programs in the logistics and first-line units, the trainee can expand the scope of knowledge in the industry and strengthen the knowledge in the professional fields. as a result, the program will become very helpful for future career development.



field training

project assignment for the trainees to put what they learn into practice

the trainee will participate in the project that includes the company’s major strategic development to think big and foster his/her capacity to perform cross-departmental collaboration work.

training time: 4 weeks

individual trainees will have to participate in important project tasks in compliance with the company’s strategic development. the trainee is required to put what he/she learns in the basic courses and observation training courses as well as the experiences into the execution of project tasks. at this stage, the trainee is required to work alone on the project. therefore, the trainee can gain practical experiences quickly and obtain the professional capacity to become a professional manager. the training will help the trainee build a business perspective and allow him/her to think big. it is an important process to transform a trainee into a professional manager.



associate training

the trainee will be distributed to individual departments and shine at work.

the trainees shall apply what they learn and experience at stages 1 to 3 to the department they belong to. the job rotation mechanism allows the trainees to continue accumulating achievements in their professional fields. their goal is to become a professional manager.

training time: 12 months

the trainee will participate in and complete the task of the department. besides performing the professional work and acquiring the practical experience in individual departments, the company arranges job rotations for the trainee based on his/her career plan to foster the cross-departmental capacity. the company will follow up the performance of the training program every three months and continue to help the trainee stand out at the workplace. a training system is built for every trainee to help him/her become a professional manager.

training process


first-line managers

mid-level manager


decision maker