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embracing a healthy and new lifestyle with biotechnology

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corporate spirit

faster, higher, stronger

corporate vision

explore new healthy living
with core biotechnology

corporate idea

innovation, professionalism, modesty, and excellence

president's point of view

never forget why we started - dedicating ourselves to serving the society.

we started as a family run grocery store whose management philosophy was based on “harmony” and providing excellent service.
vedan enterprise corporation is well known in the manufacturing industry. we began as a local trading company. when i was young, i worked with my elders and we ran a grocery store on the street of shalu township. after several years, we established our own production lines and began selling products such as monosodium glutamate, noodles, and beverages under our own brand. gradually we expanded our manufacturing into biotech health care products, fertilizers, and animal feed. meanwhile, we also invested in real estate and leisure industries that provide people with a richer and healthier life.

using microbial fermentation as our core technology, we have expanded our food and biotech industries, and continue to advance.
"bringing the best products to the public" is the founder and former chairman mr. sheng-po yang’s philosophy. i also uphold this philosophy and continue to build a business that focuses on consumers, protects food safety, and advocates the value of health, nutrition, and deliciousness. our goal is to continuously improve the quality of life of the public through our products. therefore, the corporation pays extra attention to food safety. from the recipe we use to the sourcing of our ingredients as well as in the auditing of the production traceability, vedan carries out rigorous inspection at every level of the production process to assure the public of the high quality of our products. with microbial fermentation as our core technology, we are committed to expanding into various fields of food and biotechnology. based on our enthusiasm for this industry, we are dedicated to the research and development of new livelihood products and we also focus on the constant development of biotechnology.

like the larvae that turns into a beautiful butterfly, we combine tradition with modern technology, making our products exceptional. we market to the whole world with vedan’s "higher, faster, and farther" spirit.
the corporation has more than 20,000 bases in the territories of taiwan, ranging from the small town of shalu to large domestic main markets. outside taiwan we have expanded into the global market and established ourselves in hong kong, china, vietnam, and in various countries in southeast asia. the corporation has successfully created a large global network, establishing a solid foundation in the whole of asia. we achieved one of our most important milestones in 2003 when we became an ipo, listed as "vedan international (holdings) limited" in hong kong. now, with the "higher, faster, and farther" spirit of vedan, we continue to expand into a variety of businesses and sell our products to countries around the world.

transforming into an "intelligent manufacturing industry" to accelerate our operational efficiency. with integrity as our core value, vedan is people-oriented to become a sustainable and everlasting corporation.
entrepreneurship is difficult, growth is difficult, and being everlasting is even more difficult. as an entrepreneur, i know that there are many emerging opportunities such as new business models, new markets, new products, and innovative operation models that we can work on. since establishment, the corporation has been continuously developing new products and entering new markets from taiwan to the rest of the world. we are always eager to explore and grow bigger and better with time. today's "manufacturing industry" needs to transform into an "intelligent manufacturing industry". vedan group attaches great importance to the education and training of its employees, developing intellectual capital, and also invests in the construction of a world-class large-scale sap information system and business platform to accelerate operational efficiency. we continuously make efforts to achieve self-renewal and reform, to pursue the form of production and marketing that meets the needs of the people, to provide quick and outstanding quality, and to respect and honor our customers. in addition to the spirit of innovation and hard work, the most important thing is to put innovation, professionalism, and modesty into practice with integrity as our core value. together we can achieve excellence and become a sustainable and everlasting corporation that employees, customers, and society can trust.

we are grateful of your trust in vedan.
the vision of vedan enterprise corporation is “to create a healthy and new lifestyle with core biotechnology." for more than 60 years, the corporation has been continuously innovating and challenging itself to perform better in all aspects, from production to storing of monosodium glutamate, from food manufacturing to biotechnology industries, and from taiwan to the world. we will always remember why we started and continue to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit all the while contributing to the public with the best products, so that the world can enjoy a happier, healthier and wonderful life with vedan products.