industrial safety and environmental protection policies-凯发天生赢家一触即发官网

the company has upheld the industrial safety goal of “zero disaster, zero incident, and zero injury.”

“zero disaster, zero incident, and zero injury.”

vedan has upheld the industrial safety goal of “zero disaster, zero incident, and zero injury.” therefore, the company promotes multiple measures for the safety culture of “respect for life” to be rooted in the employees’ mind and impact their families and the society. measures promoted by the company includes the following:

establishment of mechanism for industrial safety guidance and audit management

regulations regarding industrial safety shall be implemented. the company will perform industrial safety training and propaganda for the employee and contractor to raise the safety awareness and improve workplace safety.

improvement of equipment safety

for the improvement of equipment safety, the supervisors of the equipment department and the manufacturing department shall gather together for the analysis and discussion. for the accident that happened before and the potential risk factor, the equipment safety shall be improved to prevent the accident from happening.

health management

the company promotes health management and holds health check-up events to prevent the employee from suffering from occupational disease.

environmental protection

vedan believes that environmental protection is a form of corporate social responsibility and that it is the fundamental principle for the sustainable development of a business. the company continues to review the policy to improve efficiency of the use of energy and resources. therefore, society can have industrial development but protect the natural environment at the same time. and thus we can achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.


energy management

with the organization operation, improvement proposal and project activity, vedan continues to realize the goal of energy saving. besides visual propaganda, the company accepts proposals with respect to the topic of energy saving. we hope that maximum efficiency can be reached in every part of the energy conservation work. the company thus saves tens of millions on the energy expense every year and has won the award for being an outstanding supplier in the field of energy conservation.

energy conservation measures in vedan

  • introduction of the energy saving equipment
  • promotion of the energy conservation proposal
  • establishment of the electricity control center
  • establishment of the vapor (heavy oil, coal fuel) control center
  • cultivation of professional talents in the energy conservation field

measures for water resources management and conservation

  • recycle of water resources
  • expansion of the water recycle equipment

air pollution prevention

  • the company uses the electrostatic precipitator, catalytic converter, wet flue gas desulphurisation technology and other best available control technologies (bact). moreover, the company utilizes the equipment that prevents air pollution and performs the boiler improvement project.
  • the company plants large trees to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases.

reuse and recycle of waste

  • the company recycles and reuses waste.

green products

the broader definition of a green product is the product that has the manufacturing, use and disposal processes complying the environmental requirements. besides, green products are not harmful to the environment or only have little harm to the environment. green products also help the process of resource recovery, product recycle and product reuse.

  • condensed molasses fermentation solubles (c.m.s):

    cms is the by-product of monosodium glutamate and lysine. it contains lots of postbiotics generated after fermentation and can be used as fertilizer. cms is very helpful for promoting plant growth and soil improvement.

  • organic compound fertilizer for gardening:

    the company produces the organic compound fertilizer of added value out of the filter cake produced in the process of making monosodium glutamate.

  • the fermentation solubles of food can be used to produce the high-quality gas biofuels:

    the company collaborates with the national science council and acquires the subsidy for the “pilot academic-industry collaboration project- production of high-quality gas biofuels from the fermentation solubles of food.” the results of the project so far are quite promising.

green logistics

the price of petroleum is high in recent years. the delivery cost is increasing and thus taking up more percentages of the operating cost. therefore, the company implements the following measures to perform green logistics.

  • improvement of delivery activations:

    the company started to analyze the delivery route of the cars in the plant in 2008. as a result, the company plans delivery routes for the empty returning cars and makes delivery plans for products that the company owns the agency authority. the capacity and usage rate are thus improved successfully. in the previous 4 years, the number increased by over 8%.

  • replacement of the old with the new:

    the company has been replacing old cars with fuel efficient cars in the market for several years. the car will be assessed and reviewed every year to decide which eco-friendly additive should be added to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.

green life

  • green life propaganda:

    1. visual propaganda that reminds the employee to turn off the light will be posted around the switch in the company and plant.
    2. the company encourages the employees to use the stairs if they are only going up/down for less than 2 stories.
    3. the company encourages the employees to use both sides on the paper to save paper.
  • employee benefits:

    the company encourages the employees to take public transportation when going to/ getting off from work to reduce carbon emissions. besides, the company provides free shuttle bus service for employees living around the coastal area.

  • green workplace:

    the company acquires the badge of accredited healthy workplace (health promotion badge) from the health promotion administration, mohw, executive yuan every year since 2008.

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