gekkeikan sake – gekkeikan (laurel wreath) symbolizes “insistence, dedication, and honor.” in japan, gekkeikan means victory and honor, which is implied in its brand spirit. the manufacturer has insisted on brewing the wine with dedication to make each drop of it an honor. in 1905, tsunekichi okura founded gekkeikan sake company, ltd. the brand gekkeikan symbolized victory and dedication. it won the first prize in the 1st sake annual of japan. from then on, with the spirit of “insistence, dedication, and honor,” the founder has given each drop of gekkeikan sake its soul. gekkeikan sake has a history of about 380 years. breaking through the past method of brewing sake by the company limited and intuition, it insists on using the water and premium rice from fushimi, kyoto, renowned for its great pond, to brew sake. the artisans dedicate themselves in each of the complicated processes to brew wine. each drop of the sake shines with glory and honor. the mellow and rich gekkeikan sake is devoted to you.

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