higher goals; faster speed; farther values

we provides comprehensive functional training focusing on cultivation talents.

human resourse-凯发天生赢家一触即发官网

helping us utilize human resources effectively.

company welfare benefit system

we provide comprehensive benefits for the employees aiding them to enjoy work and life


the company provides subsidy for meals and the employee can purchase the company’s products at a discount.


the company provides cash gifts for weddings and consolation money for funerals and to employees who are sick or injured. moreover, the company cooperates with appointed stores where the employee enjoy special discounts. free health check-up, wedding gift.

counseling services

legal counseling services, real estate counseling services, tax affair handling services and postal services are also provided. in addition, the company helps the mediation of affairs and has established an employees' welfare committee. the company also helps with the general affairs work and electrical works.


the company holds group activities and offers gifts on the 3 main holidays. employees can enjoy birthday gift certificates, club activities and a year-end party.


the company provides scholarships for the children of employees and the employees. in addition, the company helps process the scholarship affairs of other foundations and holds educational lectures.


the company provides a dorm to employees for free.


the company provides free shuttle bus and parking lot. employees can borrow the company’s cars for free for festive events.


the company provides uniforms for employees.

bonus and remuneration system

the company offers a year-end bonus, annual target bonus, performance bonus, project bonus, proposal bonus and gifts on the 3 main holidays.

the learning and development

the learning and development in the company are based on the competence model. the company uses the model as the core basis for the recruitment of talents, capacity development, succession program, and performance management.

educational training system

common and managerial competencies training

  • strategy seminar for executive supervisors
  • management lectures for executive supervisors
  • mtp management skills development training program
  • twi first-line managers training program
  • educational training for the new employees

professional competency training

  • job rotation training (including overseas)
  • expatriate training
  • benchmarking (corporate observations)
  • professional competency training of individual departments

self development

  • award system for the employee’s certificates and qualifications
  • rewards for on-the-job training
  • book borrowing
  • reading
  • club

education and training award record

year 2008

training quality benchmark

year 2012

ttqs training quality silver medal

year 2014

ttqs talent development gold medal award

year 2016

ttqs talent development gold medal award